ASK Project starts this month based at Penicuik Town Hall but is open to all Midlothian residents as a ‘one door’ information and advice service where they have a number of partner agencies linked directly or awaiting enquiries by phone. They have a direct dial phone number and dedicated email address for enquiries too.

This project links to both National and Local drivers including the Single Midlothian Plan, Midlothian Child Poverty Strategy, Midlothian Financial Inclusion Network & GIRFEC see attached proposal for further information.

They aim to help individuals with direct support, advice or information or to make direct calls to individual departments or support services for, hopefully, immediate supports or answers.

The project includes enquiries about :

Housing –  Housing waiting lists, homelessness, arrears, repairs, anti-social behaviour issues etc.

Financial – Debt management – CAB/ CAP, school clothing, free school meals, food banks, clothing for adults & children, Online Banking, Universal Credit & Welfare rights.

Community Support mechanisms & services in each area, Community Police supports and information on volunteering in your own community

Supports – See above for food /clothing & necessary items as well as supports through Adult and Children’s Services, Carers, Kinship and Parent /Carers supports.

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