Measles Information

Measles infection in Lothian

Measles cases have been confirmed in Lothian over the past month in teenagers and young adults.

Please do not send your child to school if they have any symptoms suggestive of measles infection.


The symptoms of measles include fever, lethargy, runny nose, conjunctivitis, cough and a red, blotchy rash which starts at the head spreading over the chest and limbs. The rash generally fades within ten days.

If your child has developed symptoms suggestive of measles, you should keep your child at home and contact your General Practitioner for further advice by phone (or NHS24 if out of hours on tel. 111).

This is very important in order to avoid the spread of measles to other people.

People with measles are infectious from around five days before the rash appears until four days after the rash appears and should self isolate at home during this time.


The best protection against measles is two doses of MMR.

NHS Lothian Health Protection Team October 2016

Measles Awareness

MEASLES is not just a kids’ problem
Teenagers, young adults and adults who have no or incomplete immunisation may be at risk of Measles.

Symptoms include:
• High fever (temperature over 38ºC)
• Rash – sometimes starting around the eyes
• Sore, red eyes (Conjunctivitis)
• Cough
• Flu like symptoms

Please advise your nurse or doctor now if you are unsure about or have not had your MMR immunisations.

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Incredible Years Information

Dear Parent/Carer
The Incredible Years Parent training has been successfully delivered to parent/carers in Midlothian since 2004.
The Incredible Years Parent training programme is offered to parents and carers of preschool and primary aged children and is designed to promote positive parenting strategies and to assist parents in managing behaviour.

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Incredible Years

Incredible Years 2016 Invite SJ

INC Years new paperwork booking form 2016

School Buildings Safety

We anticipate that parents, carers and local residents will be aware that some Edinburgh schools are currently closed while structural investigations are carried out. We confirm that none of our school buildings were built by the same contractor responsible for the Edinburgh PPI schools in question and we would like to take the opportunity to stress our continued commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone using school buildings in Midlothian.

Maintenance building inspections of all our schools are carried out on an ongoing basis. A full survey of our school estate was completed after the tragic incident at Liberton High School in Edinburgh. No structural issues were identified. We have had two independent condition surveys carried out at our PPP1 schools (Dalkeith Schools Community Campus) in the last three years and annual independent condition surveys are carried out at our PPP2 schools (8 primary schools). In addition to this, Midlothian Council and PPP Facilities Management staff have an ongoing monitoring regime in place to ensure that any defects are identified and addressed. This includes inspections and monthly meetings with senior school staff and our PPP contractors.

Further inspections of our own estate also started in March 2016, in response to the situation in Edinburgh, and are due to finish on Tuesday 12 April. A formal process is in place which allows immediate repairs to a school building, including isolating the area if there are health and safety concerns.

The safety of our pupils, staff and building users are our highest priority and if anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact or call 0131 271 3294.