Pupil Equity Funding (PEF)

More than 2,300 schools across Scotland received additional support worth thousands of pounds, which was to be spent at the discretion of teachers and school leaders to close the poverty related attainment gap in their schools.  Allocations are based on the number of pupils from P1 to S3 who are eligible and registered for free school meals, with schools receiving around £1,200 per pupil.  We received £51,600 this session and carried forward £19,143 from last session totalling £70,743.  We have attached a list of the interventions and resources we felt supported the needs of our learners and our context.

PEF Web Document-287bbln


Positive Relationships and Health and Wellbeing Policy Statements

One of our priorities this session is to improve learners health and wellbeing.  Part of this development is a focus on wellbeing as well as revising our positive relationships policy.  We have attached our DRAFT policies to share with you.  There will be opportunities in the new year to have your say regarding these policies.

HWB Policy Statement-wpq8lz Positive Relationships Policy-1skriw5

HWB Policy Statement-wpq8lz