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Icy Hand Experiment

We came back after lunch and there was a table in our classroom with a blue cloth over it. It was a strange shape. Some of us thought it was creeepy!

We desribed what we saw and felt:

It was wet in places, it had lumps and bumps, icy cold and it was hard.

We thought it might be :

A model to show the water cycle, a watery volcano or some icy hands . .  .


 We then were set a task. We were to use a number of different materials and wrap the hands up then predict which hand would melt the slowest and say why. We had lots of ideas !

Nursery Plan and Timetable for October 20th – October 31st

Timetable and plan 20 Oct – 31 Oct 2014 v2

P7 Newsletter

Find out what we have been learning in P7.

P7 Newsletter.Oct

Primary 7 Enjoy Science Week Activities


Primary 7 were luck enough to experience lots of activities linked to Science throughout the week. We started with a great workshop delivered by PhD students from Edinburgh University 0n the brain and how it works. Some children made their own neurone as part of a homework task. These models really impressed the students and three pupils received prizes for their efforts.



We also learned lots of things about the earth from people from Dynamic Earth who helped us understand how different rocks are formed. We finished the workshop by creating a long timeline showing the different phases of rock and how to date it.

Another highlight of our week was when Ms Armstrong came into class to talk about Climate Change. She was brilliant at making us understand how changes happen and answering our many questions. She also showed us a cool experiment using tealights and bowls. We thought Ms Armstrong was great and hope she will come back next year to help other classes understand climate change better.


We were also lucky enough to be invited to Penicuik High School to work with some of their Science Teachers in the labs. Some children used different chemicals to see how they changed when mixed. They even got to see a bunsen burner working. Another group did experiments with static electricity which were great fun and the last group used vitamin C tablets to create a reaction which caused small film canisters to explode into the air. The staff were great and very impressed by all the pupils. 

Our last activity involved us working in the Atrium on Forensics Fun. Although we didn’t have much time the activities we took part in were fun and interesting especially the one where we had to work out who had bitten the cheese. We had to bite a polystyrene cup and examine the teeth marks to work out who was the culprite.

Overall Primary 7 had great fun and enjoyed the whole week. Here are some of our comments:

  • learning something through games is much better than sitting there listening to facts
  •  it was fun
  • really good because we got to touch a meteor
  • really interesting
  • great experiment
  • great, amazing, 10/10
  • experiments were great fun
  • cool being in an actual lab.

P5/6 Science week!

This week we had a focus on Science and what a busy week we have had in primary 5/6! We kicked off the week by having a visit from Dynamic Earth’s very own timelords who taught us all about how it’s possible to work out how old the earth is – they even brought us a fossilised piece of Dinosaur poo which we all got to touch! Whilst the primary 5′s were learning interesting facts about what plants are edible, the primary 6′s went to find out a little bit more about climate change and got to watch a great experiment! Both groups came out having learned things they never even thought about before! We not only watched other experiments but took part in some of our own, including attempting to create “Rainbow sugar” where we dissolved sugar with water and added food colouring. We’re still waiting for the water to fully evaporate but we have our fingers crossed that we will be left with some very colourful sugar! On Thursday there was an incident…somebody ate some of Miss Hutchison’s cheese and so we had to find out who the culprit was! In order to do this we had to take records of our teeth and try to match them up with those of the thief! There was also a note left behind, and so we did some chromatography in order to match up the pen that was used to write the note with the pens left behind! We also got to take our own finger prints and finally we investigated what would happen with a range of white powders when added to vinegar. We also got the chance to learn a little bit more about new medicines from a primary 5 parent where we got to investigate the liver! Finally, we rounded off the week by reporting back about what science news we had found out for homework!
P5/6 Science week! on PhotoPeach

Primary 2-3 Science Week

What an interesting and exciting time we had during Science week!  We enjoyed ‘Fiddling on the Brain’ where we learned about how important the brain really is and how it controls everything we do.  We held a model brain.  This allowed us to see the size and weight of a brain.   Seeing the animals from Zoolab was a real treat for most of us!  The children had numerous questions for Tristan such as ’What would eat that?’ and ‘ How old is the snake?’ 

We quickly recapped floating and sinking before looking at what dissolves in water.  We tried four things; flour, salt, sugar and sand.  We found that two of them did dissolve and made a solution.  The primary 3s took this a little further and found that something that dissolved was soluble and something that didn’t dissolve was insoluble.  They went on to discover that things that are able to dissolve dissolve quicker in warm water than in cold water.  The class then found out that things float better in salty water rather than plain tap water.  We floated a tomato in salty water and found out that a person can float whilst reading book all by themselves in the Dead Sea!
Science Week p2-3 on PhotoPeach

Our Science Week

The theme of our science week was ‘Champions of Change’. We joined P4 and with the help of some scientists were able to think about the changes our brain makes when we are dancing, and understand the brain controls everything we do,the children then got to look at some ‘models of brains’ which they were delighted to do.  The children  also got to look at some creatures from ‘zoo lab’ which we wouldn’t normally see in school (thankfully) and had a great time finding out about the animals eating habits and environments they live in. The children also got to touch the animals, so amidst shreaks of delight and from some, fear (mainly the teacher), a great time was had.

Science Week P3 on PhotoPeach

We carried out some experiments in class too, one of which is ongoing until the end of this week.  The first experiment we did was a very difficult task to do. We spoke about what happens when you eat something, what happens to the food inside your mouth and what effect your teeth and saliva has upon reducing the food into a soluble item to be digested in your stomach. The children were divided into 3 groups and each given a piece of chocolate, the first group could eat the chocolate by chewing it as normal, the second group could not use their teeth but could move the chocolate around in their mouth using their tongue, and the third group could not use their teeth or tongue and had to place the chocolate in their mouth and wait until it had dissolved.   The children predicted how long it would take for each process to happen, recorded their predictions and then started the onerous task of eating the chocolate. 

The second experiment we carried out was one of how food changes over a period of time. For this we collected some bread, vegetables, cheese and bananas, we placed the food inside two containers and sealed them. One container stayed in the classroom and the other went into the fridge. We  monitored and took photographs of each of the containers, and so far as when the children left for their holidays there was not much change.  Returning to school today, there have been quite a few changes, so once the children have seen this we shall post some more photographs.

P1 science week activities

P1 have been very busy during Cuiken Science Week. We enjoyed dressing up as scientists in our Science Lab and looking through microscopes and conducting our own imaginary experiments.  Zoo Lab came to visit and we handled small creatures and found out about them which was very interesting. Most people loved holding the snake!  We joined in with other classes for ’Fiddling on the Brain’ and learned how important our brain is and how it controls everything we do. We held a model brain which was much heavier than we thought and learned some Scottish Country Dancing to help us understand how busy our brain is!  We were lucky enough to have some helpers and completed some experiments with water. We hope to continue using the water tray in the next few weeks to find out about floating and sinking.

P1 science week activities on PhotoPeach

P6 Enjoy Science Week

P6 were really busy during our recent Science Week.

Our Science Week on PhotoPeach

P5/6 Newsletter

Find out more about what we have been learning this term.

P5_6 Newsletter