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P4 Visit Rosslyn Chapel

This week Primary 4 visited beautiful Rosslyn Chapel as part of their ‘Scotland’ topic. By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, P4 have been developing an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history.

The children had a great time at the chapel and asked lots of considered questions and engaged with some interesting activities. We were supported by lots of parents on our trip, but special thanks to Mrs Ferguson who helped with P4.

Here are a few of the childrens’ comments about their experience:

“On the carvings it told you a story. It showed the 7 Deadly Sins… The chapel is quite little, but very tall”. – Samuel

“I thought all the carvings were very intricate. I could really see that the people who made them had lots of skills”. – Erin

“I was fascinated by the carvings and surprisingly it didn’t take that long to get there”. – Finlay

“I liked it and I had lots of fun”. – Holly

“It was  a really good trip”. – Sam

“I really liked the activities we did, especially the weaving one”. – Charlotte

Here are some photos of P4 enjoying their trip.

Early Years Consultation – 600 hours


 Early Years Consultation

The survey to gather views of all staff and parents on the implementation of the 600 hours will run from Monday 11 January until Friday 30 January. This survey is accessed through the following survey monkey link.


The information gathered will be an essential part of our reporting to Scottish Government regarding the implementation of 600 hours in Midlothian.

Dance Showcase

All the Active schools dance clubs throughout the Penicuik area came together on Monday 15th December 2014 to put on a spectacular performance for their friends and families.  Pupils from Roslin, Sacred Heart, Mauricewood, Cuiken, Cornbank and Strathesk primary schools have been working extremely hard all term in their weekly active schools dance clubs to perfect their new dance routines.  They were all very excited to show them off to their parents and friends at Beeslack High School at the very first ‘Dance Showcase’ by Active Schools.

View the full article here: Penicuik Dance Clubs Showcase 15/12/14

Primary 7′s First Week Back.


We have had a very busy week this week. We wanted to share some of the things we have been learning.

Continue reading Primary 7′s First Week Back.

Merry Christmas from the provision

A busy term in the Provision

We have had a very busy term in the provision. We have had the challenge of changes in staff with Mr Gristwood joining us and Mrs Downie working in the school for 2 days each week. We also welcomed 2 new pupils this term and are now at full capacity. Mrs Downie’s class engaged particularly well in our Senses topic and enjoyed doing lots of interesting science activities.
This is the term where we make use of our kitchen most. Vegetable soup, bread, biscuits and banana loaf being the favourites.
We had a lovely Christmas lunch in the provision with lots of yummy food prepared by the boys.



The Choir on Tour

The choir performed at Broomhill and Tesco today entertaining audiences in both venues.  Reindeer on the Roof remains a favourite!

Provision Horse Riding

I was lucky enough to join the Provision class on their last horse riding lesson of the year.  I was amazed at how confident the children were on the horses and how well they were able to instruct and control them as they walked through a special Christmas obstacle course.  Well done boys!

Miss Taylor

Primary 1, 1/2 and P2/3 parties

After a very busy activity morning preparing for our party Primary 1, 1/2 and 2s from P2/3 had a wonderful time – enjoying games such as Musical Bumps, Christmas Corners and Pass the Parcel. Children even had a special visitor in a red suit! He kindly gave the children some sweeties ahead of Christmas day. The Primary 3s enjoyed their own party with the Primary 4s -enjoying dancing competitions and a few festive goodies. Good fun was had by all!

Primary 6 and 7 Christmas Truce Football Match

On Tuesday 16th December the P7 and P6 classes came together to re-enact the Christmas Truce which took place during WWI. Parents and Carers were invited into school to enable the children to show them all of the wonderful work they had done on WWI. P5 and P5/6 sung Silent Night in both English and German before the start of the match which set the tone of the whole afternoon. The teams were mixed teams  with both classes showing great sportsmanship. Many family members joined us afterward for a hot drink and a mince pie. Everyone involved enjoyed the experience with many positive comments from both adults and children. Thank you to everyone who supported the event and made the experience an enjoyable and thought provoking one.